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Benefit Disputes: Employment Law Attorney in Rochester

Have you been cheated out of some of your benefits?

Have you recently been wrongfully denied employee benefits such as health insurance coverage, life insurance, or benefit rollovers? If so, contact the Law Office of Kimberly A. Glennon. As a full-time employment law attorney, Ms. Glennon has the knowledge, skill and confidence to take on your employer and get you the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Your Rights Under ERISA

At times, when an employee is terminated, retires, or otherwise leaves an employer, they have certain benefits and rights under a federal law commonly referred to as ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). This law requires any employers that have pension plans to have certain minimum standards, including:

  • Participation
  • Vesting
  • Benefit accrual and funding

It also calls for employers to give an accountability of plan fiduciaries and allows employees to be able to sue if the requirements are not met.

For example, when you retire or leave an employer, you may have the right to convert an employer sponsored group life insurance policy to an individual life insurance policy without the need for a medical exam. If an employer fails to provide this option or notice to an employee, then the employer is liable to the employee for certain penalties and monetary damages. The damages only increase if the employee is unable to secure other insurance or must do so at an increased cost.

Why You Should Work with Attorney Glennon

As a full-time employment law attorney, Ms. Glennon has seen numerous benefits dispute cases, ranging from small business operation disputes to large multi-national corporate cases, including matters from professional firms and partnerships. She has successfully represented many clients in recovering their legally guaranteed benefits under ERISA and ESOP, and fought for the rights of employees in Rochester and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, as well as internationally situated US workers.

Contact her today and arrange a consultation to discuss your case. You may be entitled to retroactive benefits and punitive damages if you have been wrongfully denied healthcare coverage or overtime pay.

Get in touch with a professional Rochester employment lawyer.

Practicing exclusively in employment law, Ms. Glennon has gained the respect of the legal community and her clients for championing the rights of employees in a professional and common-sense manner. If you are in doubt of whether or not you have a case, let Ms. Glennon review the facts of your situation and advise you as to you options. A professional opinion is more than worth the time and effort that it takes to make a phone call and an appointment. Call her today.

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